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How a SaaS Startup Broke Through a $1M ARR Plateau to Reach $2M ARR in 1 Year.

Ready to break through your revenue ceiling?


See how Immigrate turned challenges into opportunities, using analytics, digital ads and an overhauled sales process to double their revenues in a single calendar year.


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How Did We Do It?

Let's take a step-by-step look at how the plan rolled out.


New Web Presence & Ad Campaigns for B2C Market.

As a fractional CMO for Immigrate, I spearheaded a comprehensive upgrade of their digital marketing and sales processes.

We built a new mobile-only website, optimized for conversions. This lightweight design catered to an international audience often facing unreliable internet speeds, ensuring swift and seamless user experiences. And with the help of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, we set up a robust and accurate conversion tracking system, enabling Immigrate to measure their marketing performance with greater precision.

Once the analytical foundation was in place, we completely overhauled existing Facebook Ads efforts, including ad creative and targeting, leading to a significant increase in engagement and conversions. And to support a significant increase in leads, we introduced an automated lead intake process that included user-specific lead scoring, allowing the sales team to prioritize leads more efficiently. Automated email sequences based on lead scoring facilitated personalized communication, aiding prospects through the sales funnel. We also established a unified lead database to synchronize sales and marketing efforts.


Overhaul of B2B Direct Sales Systems

Now that the B2C side of things was running hot as a pistol, it was time to work on the other side of the the coin - the B2B operations. To optimize Immigrate’s B2B sales processes, I undertook a comprehensive revamp of their direct sales systems.

After reviewing multiple options, I selected and implemented the best CRM for Immigrate, focusing on advanced sales automation features, lead activity monitoring, and robust sales performance analytics. With the help of the sales team, I designed and automated a B2B lead acquisition model that significantly increased the volume of qualified B2B leads we had to work with.

Following that, a structured cold outreach process was established for a sales team of four, incorporating phone contact, email follow-ups, and CRM-based lead activity monitoring to enhance pipeline prioritization and management.



Once the sales and marketing efforts for both the B2B and B2C sides of the business had been successfully redesigned and implemented, the focus shifted to ensuring long-term success.

As always, that meant bringing the skillset to maintain these campaigns fully in-house, rather than paying a high-priced retainer indefinitely. Using a significantly subsidized workshop, we took a recent junior marketing hire and gave her the skills to maintain, optimize and scale the new social media marketing systems. The other focus of the workshop was to give the junior marketing hire the ability to read, interpret, and communicate the campaign performance data to the rest of the Immigrate team.

This junior marketing hire is still with the Immigrate team, and has only continued to climb the ranks of the team! And those marketing campaigns have continued to bear fruit. In one year, we doubled revenue. And since that year, the revenue has continued to grow, to the point of positioning the company for a successful exit/acquisition!

The End Result

So what happened, and where to next?

Immigrate was able to reinvent their sales and marketing efforts in under a year, doubling revenue and creating a stellar trajectory.

I'm so proud of the work we were able to accomplish as a team, and it's fantastic to see the continued personal and professional growth of the people I had the pleasure of working with.


It's even better to see the continued growth and success of Immigrate as a company over the years, and to hear from leadership years after our engagement how impactful our time together was.


 All of it was made possible by hard work, persistence, creativity, and the use of solid data to inform strategic sales and marketing decisions. And that's something any company is capable of.

Dylan Hergott,
DHMG Coaching & Consulting, Ltd.

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